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The DNA Simulation Learning Experience

The lessons are indelibly encrypted into your Team’s DNA

The context, content and the purpose, is relevant realistic and directly applicable

Simulation shortens learning cycles – a few hours of simulation can replace weeks of lecture/training

What is a Simulation?

It is where you “Do – Reflect – Apply”

Your Team receive information, experience it in a pressured scenario. Then learn how to apply it to their real world of business and in life.

Simulations build competency rather than just overload with information.

Simulations are powerful and engaging, effectively reaching all levels of the organization.

No amount of power point slides or professional lectures can bring lessons to life like a DNA simulation experience.

Like a pilot you cannot “fly” your business on theoretical ideas.

Your team can fail or falter and “live
to fly another day” without any negative consequences for your business.

What are the beliefs and behaviours, that are in your business that you are not seeing?

All strategies & initiatives are lifeless unless your people understand and “own” them.

To change or grow the belief in your team you need people who “choose” that change.

Systems, equipment, processes are not enough to create changed beliefs and behaviors.

Adults decide through their own experiences: Which is why DNA Simulations were created.

With general learning environments the sole focus is on getting “through” the information.

DNA Simulations create competition and excitement and genuine engagement.

DNA Simulations are all about Engagement + Relevance + Applicability to your Business.

Your team will walk away, knowing that their time was well spent.

We all know what high-tech is. But high touch will always require a face-to-face human interaction.

Our DNA simulation “captures participants being themselves” with their habits of thinking and behaving being revealed.

The DNA simulation debrief, then provides the guidance and corrective action plan.

You cannot afford to leave your team’s learning, only to their “real” world experiences.

Rather, Choose the learning experience of the DNA Simulation

Changing Your Business, and Selling DNA

Who are those really Selling in your Business?

Changing Your Sales DNA has this definition….

“Anyone who helps another person make

a decision, that is good for both of us”

Whether your front-line Sales-people, your Accounts-people, your Delivery-people; basically your entire team.

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says,

All energy and matter, tends towards chaos and disorder”

Another way of saying that is,

all your selling energy and everything that matters to

your business, is going where you don’t want it to go”

Your DNA is the blueprint that exists in your genetic code.

It sets the parameters for your emotional physical and mental well-being.

As real as the DNA of your physical world is, so too is the DNA of your-business. 

When fear controls the selling process, it triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses that are harmful.

Transformational business and selling will not happen by chance or random process.

Only by using good intelligence and enthusiasm can you create the DNA of your sale.

Confidence and fear are not “just emotions,” but chemical and electronic forces? Both within you and your client.

Negative emotions, demand more and more space physically in your brain, like weeds they will crowd everything else out. 

Essentially the currency of your body is chemicals and electromagnetic energy. 

Far from being an evolutionary luxury, your beliefs in the context of selling are and will be encrypted within your genetic code. 

The sleeping giant for transformational business and selling is Changing the DNA of the Business and Sale. 

You will learn what questions to ask.

When to ask the question.

To whom is the best person to ask.

Where is the optimal place to ask.

These are the key learnings in “Changing Your Sales DNA Simulation.”

DNA Simulation Learning – Return On Investment (ROI)

What are the best ways to Increase the Competence and the Confidence of your Business/Sales Team?

How do you continually improve their skill and personal power at the point decision or sale and negotiations?

When you reduce uncertainty in your any of your teams, it radiates into the DNA of their customer or the other person/s.

This phenomenon is called Psychological Reciprocity.

It really depends on how much you believe the people in your organization have slipped and need improvement?

Then decide what is the best way to equip them and have them take ownership of the improvements and accelerate and implement the changes necessary.

The DNA Simulation investment can be calculated as a “low risk” investment.

Using a conservative estimate of returns but with a high degree of certainty for a return.

The following numbers make sense at any level in any industry.

DNA Simulation Equation for 5 People say > $5M Turnover:

DNA Team/Table of 5 participants = $6,450

Tax benefit = $2,250 Investment = $4,200 Confidence Impact – Increase in Sales revenue by just by 2.5% on $5M Turnover = $ 5.125M Competence Improvement Negotiation/Margin 2.5% of $1.537M:30% of $5.125M = $38,437

Conservative Improvement to Profit from DNA Simulation Training = $34,237

DNA Simulation Equation 10 people on $10M Turnover: (Excl.gst)

DNA x 2 Team/Tables of 5 participants each = $12,900

Tax benefit = $ 3,300 Net investment = $ 9,600 Confidence Impact – Increase in Sales revenue by 2.5% on $10M Turnover = $10.25M

Competence Improvement Negotiation/Margin 2.5% of $3.074 M:30% of $10.25M = $76,875 Conservative Improvement to Profit from DNA Simulation Training = $67,265 More than a 10 x ROI !

The more your business is turning over – The more impact to your ROI from the DNA Simulation Learning.

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