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Free Online DNA Training

Free Online DNA Training

Are you a business owner or a leader/manager in your company? Join Paul on this FREE Training where he talks about the 3 ‘unbreakable’ principles to develop an ‘unbeatable’ mindset & maximise productivity to navigate challenges & decision making in 2023 These principles have been used by leaders of 7-8 figure businesses to sustain & advance their growth continuously. Upon completion of this training, Paul will also reward a select few people with a gift worth over $7,000.

The DNA Transformation Course

From over 30+ years training business owners & leaders of wildly successful businesses, Paul condensed over 6.5 hours of transformational lessons into a self-paced online course specifically designed to help business owners take the next step in changing their DNA & implement the benefits into their business.

The DNA Transformation Course
Audio Training MP3

Audio Training MP3

Do you learn better listening to podcast-style training at your own pace? Don’t miss out on one of Paul’s original audio training series remastered. Consists of 6 concise & effective Learning keys to develop your mindset.

1-on-1 Coaching

Do you currently feel stuck? Do you feel unsure about the next step you need to take on your business? Perhaps your situation is harder than most & you need someone that has actual results in helping business owners grow to help you navigate through your challenges? There are a few spots left in Paul’s calendar. If you really want to ensure you’re making the right steps & strategy to grow your business, don’t miss out on Paul’s next available time

1-on-1 Coaching
DNA/DISC Profile

DNA/DISC Profile

DNA/DISC is the powerful behavioural profiling tool that helps you not only help guide selection of your team, but to also communicate at optimal effectiveness: Putting the Team together on the right plan for their development. Paul is a recognised provider of the original DISC profile training where you can learn more about yourself & understand how to utilise your strengths for better opportunities, as well as build awareness about your weaknesses & develop solutions to minimise ant negative traits.

Business Coaching Services

In the fast-changing landscape of business, it’s easy to feel like you’re continually on the back foot. Whether it’s your business or you’re part of leading. Sometimes the pressure can come due to challenges of decline, or challenges of growth. You may see yourself in some or most of these. With the right assistance, it doesn’t have to continue that way. Learn how our business coaching services can help you.

Business Coaching services
Sales Mindset Coaching

Life Coaching Services

We need a life coach/mentor for the same reason those top athletes or people in business use coaches in their arenas. The problem with working life out on our own, and doing self-help and personal growth, is that we have unavoidable blindspots. Our own biases, preferences, and mindsets can mean that we need external input to help see what we would otherwise miss.  Learn more about our life coaching services.

Sales Training Course

Most people are using tactics and strategies to ‘make’ sales and to influence others. They are using formulas that are designed to persuade and in some cases manipulate. This can lead to those selling coming across as ‘salesly’ or pulling back through a lack of alignment with personal values. At best this type of selling is ‘soulless’ and systematic, at worst it hurts the customer experience and loses sales. The misalignment means that a lot is being left on the table. Learn from the best sign up now for our online sales training course.

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A secondary school teacher by trade Paul Hannan replaced the chalk board & became a leading international speaker.

A pioneer of Sales Workshops Paul has been invited to speak & train across all continents & for some of the globes biggest brands. He has an online Appreciation/Marketing system operating in several countries with 500 distributors.

Paul has written and facilitated over 40 Leadership / Self Development & Sales training workshops. Created the highly acclaimed Indoor Simulation You Can Change Your DNA (why you’re checking out this website 🙂 & Worked with Camp Quality to change the culture and strategy into one that worked with “children and their families living with cancer” thereafter he was invited to serve as a Board Director for several years following.

To hear more from Paul check out the media releases below. Paul’s digital business card is hosted on SmartBizCard where you can get instant access to his services & contact details can also be found in the button below.


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the blueprint that exists at the conception of life.

It sets the parameters for our emotional/physical/mental/spiritual being to unfold and be revealed to the world. As real as the DNA of our body is, so too is the DNA (Dominant Neurological Agenda) of our Soul.

The business of the Soul is everybody’s business. It is not just the business of religion. As your Soul prospers, so will everything else.

When fear controls our Soul it triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses, and activates more than 30 different hormone neurotransmitters.

Effective personal change will not happen by chance and random process, but only by Creative Intelligence and Enthusiasm!

When we know that faith and fear are not “JUST” emotions but forces within us that have chemical and electrical representations in our body we are in the domain of the Soul.

Emotions such as hate, demand more and more space physically in the brain, like weeds they grow in abundance crowding everything else out. Essentially the currency of our body is chemicals, electromagnetic energy directed by the Soul. Far from being an evolutionary luxury, our beliefs are encrypted deep in our genetic code.

Changing our DNA is happening all the time. Our Soul is the door that opens the best production of the right chemicals to live a life that overcomes all adversity.

Our own Soul is the sleeping giant for Transformation.

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John StewartPast CEO – Ferrier Hodgson

“The whole concept of the DNA Simulation worked for us.”

Walter BugnoPast President – Campbell’s Arnott’s Asia Pacific

“15 years ago Paul introduced me to the concept that there is more to leadership and driving

performance than just financials, processes & systems, that it was about culture, soul, love, heart & passion. Since then, every company that I’ve worked at I’ve adopted the philosophy of putting people first, of motivating with the heart, about leading with the heart rather than the head, and giving people the freedom to achieve their innermost desires, and it’s worked! It has made us successful”

Graham AllenManaging Director – The Pluim Group of Companies

“The program you facilitated for us was outstanding. It helped each of my team members to, not only see themselves in a positive light, but helped to create superior strategies for the future.”

James TreloarGeneral Manager - Human Resources - VenuesLive

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your recent You Can Change Your DNA seminar at Stadium Australia. I was incredibly impressed with the powerful and unique nature of the DNA Simulation Learning Experience.
I have attended various personal and professional development programs over the years and not only is this program enjoyable, but it reflects the real life pressures that individuals and teams face in the working environment.

I would like to say how amazing the DNA simulation lead by the Soul Genius of our time, Paul Hannan, has been for our business. Paul personally has this uncanny ability to lead us to find the drive within our soul, and not through hard work but by looking within, and finding a way to follow our passions. Now with the addition of the DNA Simulation, Paul has elevated to new levels, using some the original Brian Tracey and Napoleon Hill classic beliefs; but with an element of fun, games and working together, to have a team understand each other, become one, and get the most out of not only the team, but also the product and business as a whole.

Martin WardManaging Director – Selleys

“The DNA Simulation was the critical starting point… We developed our own dominant thought… and that was the key to Selley’s success and once everybody was onboard with the dominant thought process, the rest was relatively easy as everyone knew where we were going.