Executive Coaching Services

What is an executive coach and what do they do?

An executive coach is a highly qualified, trained and skilled professional who possesses the expertise to coach CEOs, executive leaders and senior managers. These incredibly talented coaches have already reached their true potential and now guide others to transform their lives and become better leaders, communicators, managers and mentors.


At DNA Coaching, part of our approach is to deepen your self-awareness and empower you to make the type of changes that return balance to
both your personal and professional life. Our executive coaching program provides the framework that transforms your managerial style, sharpens your strategic skills, enhances your communication abilities and activates
your unique potential.


In short, an executive coach assesses your personal and professional objectives, as well as your strengths, weaknesses and relationships and provides a framework to achieve your goals.

Why do you need executive coaching?

Have you considered executive coaching? Executive level managers, CEOs and vice presidents require a specific set of skills to help themselves, their company and their employees reach their full potential.


Rapidly changing markets, however, often pose extraordinary challenges on executives and senior managers. You’re faced with unprecedented demands on your ability to make strategic decisions, motivate your employees and safely navigate your company through a high level of disruption and uncertainty.


Whilst it’s well-known that most successful executives invest in personal growth, what happens when you believe that you’ve reached your peak – how do you move forward? This is where executive coaching helps you fulfil your true potential. We help you minimise your weaknesses, enhance your strengths and optimise your performance.


The result is effortless and rewarding relationships, improved organisational performance and increased employee productivity. When you leverage the benefits of executive coaching, you can achieve remarkable results, both personally and professionally.

What are your goals?

Whilst there are many areas of your personal and professional life that may be enhanced by an executive coach, here are four topics we frequently address with our executive clients.


  •  Optimising performance: With our structured approach, your executive coach assists you in developing a plan that helps your company navigate a clear path through turbulent situations. This approach can be used to address new challenges or complex situations, resolve workplace conflicts, make smarter and more astute decisions and maximise your performance moving forward.


  • Improving leaderships skills: Executive coaching can help you bbecome a better leader by refining your instincts, improving your judgement and expanding your perspectives. Our structured approach provides guidelines that once implemented, result in less stress and increased satisfaction, as well as better outcomes and a higher quality of life for both yourself and your employees.


  • Strengthening business operations: The increased clarity, confidence and understanding you achieve with our executive coaching has a positive impact on your business operations. With our help, you’ll remove any perceived operational roadblocks and experience greater productivity, growth and revenue without the stress and pressure that usually presages a successful outcome.


  •  Focussing on balance: Some executives want more balance between their professional and personal life, whilst others only want balance in their working day. As an executive leader, your role is multifaceted and the demands on your time are often extraordinary. Successful outcomes, however, whether personal or professional, require an exquisite balance between conflicting demands. An executive coach helps you achieve this unique balance, improving your quality of life, reducing your day-to-day stress and becoming a better person.

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

Executive coaching is an all-inclusive strategy that benefits not only your own professional and personal life, but also the lives of your employees and the outcomes for your organisation. So whilst you need a certain amount of business intelligence, technical skills and drive to succeed at an executive level, to positively influence your employees and optimise the success of your organisation, you need to develop your unique potential.


This means that you need to enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy and interpersonal skills, all outcomes that can be achieved with executive coaching. In short, we help you unlock your potential and boost your ability to navigate change, achieve objectives, inspire employees, increase productivity, manage stress and attain goals.

Here are the five top benefits experienced by our clients when they engage with our executive coaches.


1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is about recognising how you respond to situations, environments and other people. It’s about how you perceive yourself as an individual and involves being aware of your emotional state at all times. When you’re self-aware you recognise your strengths and weaknesses. A heightened state of self-awareness has been called the foundation of personal growth and the keystone of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness in a leadership role helps you reduce stress, navigate conflicts and inspire others.


2. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about not only managing your own emotions but also the emotions of the people in your environment, for example, your employees, managers or stakeholders. When you have a heightened state of emotional intelligence you know what you’re feeling in any given situation, what others are feeling and how these emotions affect yourself and the other people in your group. Our executive coaching program helps to build your emotional intelligence, promoting personal accountability, self-motivation, empathy for others and enhanced social skills.


3. Employee retention

When you’re self-aware and emotionally intelligent it’s easier to build positive relationships with your employees, increase engagement and inspire loyalty. Increased employee retention is fostered by understanding their needs, whether that’s providing opportunities for career advancement and mentorships, suitable renumeration or a positive working environment. When employees are appreciated and have a strong role model, they’re encouraged to attain their own best potential and are less likely to leave in search of better options elsewhere.


4. Optimised performance

Executive coaching can help you recognise and clarify your goals, identify the roadblocks to achieving these goals and develop a plan to optimise your performance, whether professionally or in your personal life. Emotional intelligence plays a large part in recognising the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. We help you harness your own strengths, change your perspective, think innovatively and find alternate ways to achieve your goals. These same skills can be used to maximise the performance of your team, work through a challenging situation and achieve a strategic objective.


5. Increased resilience

Your employees look to you for leadership. So when a challenging or difficult situation occurs, they expect you to help them navigate their way to success. The way you respond to their needs is reflected in your resilience. Your resilience is measured in both the way you navigate your way through these challenging times and in the way that these disruptions and conflicts make you stronger and more able to move forward in the future. A team with high resilience has a sense of unity that increases retention and maximises performance.

What to look for in an executive coach?

If you’ve decided to leverage the expertise of an executive coach – how do you select the best one for your needs? Here are three criteria that you should consider when engaging an executive coach.


Experience and skills

An executive coach needs to be highly experienced in all aspects of the business world, particularly at the executive level. Prior experience as an CEO or an executive, as well as proven experience in coaching executives and senior management on self-improvement, emotional intelligence and leadership is essential.

Philosophy and approach

An executive coach should be passionate about their methodology and their ability to support your transformation, whether professional or personal. Their approach should be flexible enough so that your coaching sessions fit seamlessly into your working life, but also aligns with your values, needs and goals.


Business understanding and sector experience

An executive coach needs to have extensive experience in your sector, as well as the industry experience to understand your goals, aspirations and the challenges you may face. For executive coaching to be successful, shared experiences are extremely helpful in building both credibility and rapport between yourself and your coach.


Adam Dragic

Founder and CEO – Solar Energy Enterprises Pty Ltd

“Paul personally has this uncanny ability to lead us to find the drive within our soul, and not through hard work but by looking within, and finding a way to follow our passions.”

Marilyn David

Belle Property

I learnt that based on our surroundings, our emotions heavily influence our decisions. In a high stress and a minimal time frame environment, we are forced to make decisions under pressure. An example of this is real estate. It is a high-pressure environment, you are under the pump constantly with deadlines and you are required to make a call or decision on matters that you have not yet had much time to think about and this can sometimes work to our advantage because the result can work well, better than you thought they could. On some occasions rational decisions can backfire and require more work to rectify. When this happens, I like to take time, breathe and de-stress to help with better decision making. I do this daily when I feel stressed.”

Walter Bugno

Past President – Campbell’s Arnott’s Asia Pacific

“15 years ago Paul introduced me to the concept that there is more to leadership and driving performance than just financials, processes & systems, that it was about culture, soul, love, heart & passion. Since then, every company that I’ve worked at I’ve adopted the philosophy of putting people first, of motivating with the heart, about leading with the heart rather than the head, and giving people the freedom to achieve their innermost desires, and it’s worked! It has made us successful”

Ready to move forward?

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On our call together we’ll discuss: 

  1. The challenges you are currently facing 
  2. Your goals and dreams for the future 
  3. How this coaching can help you 
  4. What results you can expect 
  5. Any questions you might have 
  6. Next Steps 


This coaching is not for everyone. If for some reason we don’t think executive coaching is the right fit for you, we will let you know (always kindly) during our call. 


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Ready to move forward?

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On our call together we’ll discuss: 

  1. The challenges you are currently facing 
  2. Your goals and dreams for the future 
  3. How this coaching can help you 
  4. What results you can expect 
  5. Any questions you might have 
  6. Next Steps 


This coaching is not for everyone. If for some reason we don’t think life coaching is the right fit for you, we will let you know (always kindly) during our call. 


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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a program that offers high-level training and support to executives, CEOs and senior management. We help you reach your full potential and transform your life, becoming a better leader, communicator, manager and mentor.

Who can benefit from executive coaching?

Whilst executive coaches are usually engaged by executives, CEOs or senior management, any leader who wants to reach their full potential and further their careers can benefit from this type of coaching. 

Does coaching really work?

If you’re engaged and committed to reaching your full potential, then coaching can help you become a better executive, leader and mentor. It doesn’t produce overnight changes, but with persistence it can create meaningful changes.

How can an executive coach boost your business outcomes?

There are many ways to boost business outcomes, but executive coaches generally focus on helping you learn new ways to respond to challenges and difficult situations. They do this by leveraging your strengths, finding solutions for your weaknesses and helping you reach your full potential. As you become a more effective leader and role model, not only will your team’s performance begin to lift but goals will be achieved faster and more easily. 

How can I contact DNA Coaching?

The best way to contact us is to book a 10 minute exploration chat with Paul and discover how DNA Coaching can help you achieve your business and professional goals.