Own a DNA Business

Types of Licenses

DNA offers two types of license agreements:

Corporate License: To be licensed to an organisation for use within their own business (best for organisation with large workforces) or for existing training organisations that want to add an additional product to their training programs.

Individual License: Designed for individuals that want to create/expand their own business opportunity by leveraging their corporate or training experience.

Is DNA the right opportunity for Me

Leverage your experience and own/expand a business that makes a difference to the performance of businesses through our unique business simulation.

DNA is a licenced business opportunity for the professional executive who is looking for a change. If you have worked in a corporate environment and have some experience facilitating corporate training programs and are looking for a new venture to leverage your experience, this could be the right fit.

Ask yourself the following questions to help you evaluate what you are looking for in your next career.

We are leaders in business coaching solutions including other coaching solutions like small business coaching, professional executive coaching, effective leadership coaching, life mentoring, professional sales mindset coaching, DNA transformation training, performance coaching, relationship coaching and sales mentoring.

Do you want to be part of a proven business model with a meaningful purpose?

Do you want to create your destiny and invest in yourself?

Are you passionate about helping people grow into great leaders and great team members?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then DNA can help you get started on a new path.

Make an Impact

If your answer to these questions is yes, then DNA can help you get started on a new path.

Invest in Yourself

As a business owner/licensee, you define your schedule, your goals, and your future.

You Are Not Alone

We provide the proven processes, tools, software, products and support.

We Are Not a Franchise

You will license the right to use the DNA name, brand, and processes to deliver our proven programs in exchange for an initial fee plus an annual licence fee. No sliding scale of fees, you pay us a flat licence fee, so you determine your income based on your efforts.

You get all the benefits of a franchise system without the strict controls and ongoing franchise fees. We give our licensees the tools to market, sell, and deliver award-winning leadership and team development programs.

Licensee Structure: Licensees typically serve both as salespeople and facilitators, signing up clients and subsequently leading the coursework. As licensees scale, many will hire sales representatives and/or facilitators.

What is Licensing

Term:  The term of the License agreement will be for a period of five years with a renewal option subject to performance criteria being met.

DNA will grant a license under intellectual property laws to authorise the use of the intellectual property to a licensee, sparing the licensee from a claim of infringement brought by the licensor.The license agreement will have several components beyond the grant itself, including a term, territory, renewal provisions, and other limitations deemed vital to the licensor.

The License will require the payment of a fee and the proving of the capability to deliver the program as it was designed.

A license is an official permission or permit to do, use, or own something and in the case of the DNA simulation program, the right for the licensee to use the IP that has been developed by DNA in territorial markets.

Territory: The territory will be based on geographical boundaries based on the potential market within that territory.

This will be negotiated on a case by case basis and the license fee will reflect the size of the market opportunity.

Industry Analysis


This corporate expenditure on training globally is enormous and growing annually and is shown in the table below

Global Spend (USD)                   North America (USD)     Rest of World (USD)

2019     $370.3B                                    $169.4B                                    $200.9B

2018     $366.2B                                    $166.8B                                    $199.3B

2015     $355.6B                                    $160.0B                                    $195.6B

2010     $271.1B                                    $122.0B                                    $149.1B

In 2018, Training Industry estimates that companies spend an average of 39% of their training budget on external (outsourced) suppliers, while approximately 61% of their budgets is spent on internal resources.

The available market for outsourced training providers is estimated at $79B. It is estimated that 10% of this expenditure is spent on business simulations and this number has been declining in recent years. This still represents an $8B opportunity.

Customer Analysis

The DNA offering has the potential to target large businesses but also the SME market thus increasing the potential revenue that can be generated.

A significant proportion of the Business simulation market is geared towards the top end of town with 75% of organisations with more than 1,000 employees using business simulations, and 47.1% companies with 500 to 999 employees were also using them.

75% of U.S. organisations with more than 1,000 employees were using business simulations, and 47.1% of U.S. companies with 500 to 999 employees were also using them

Territories are typically based on the number of businesses within a geographic region and this number should equate to 1% of the potential business market within that region. The license fee would be based on the size of the market and will be negotiated based on the applicants desire and capability.

Our Ideal Licensees

Our successful licensees will come from a corporate background usually from mid to senior management and have a demonstrable track record of leading teams, transforming businesses and experience with facilitation and training. Generally, they all possess the following qualities:

Excellent communication skills

The ability to develop relationships and trust

Time management skills

Comfortable selling to executives and organisations

Like-able self-starter with a positive attitude

An Affordable Business Model

DNA is an affordable, home-based investment opportunity.  For more than 20 years, our founder has been using the DNA methodology and business simulation to change the way team training is delivered.

Flexible Payment Terms

As an independent business owner, you have the flexibility to negotiate payment terms with your customers that suit your business. License fees are paid annually so you don’t have to worry about monthly minimum payments or franchise fees like many franchised training businesses in the market. Our model is designed to incentivise you to grow your territory and business.

Low Overheads

Since you will run your DNA business from home, your overhead will usually be lower than other brick and mortar businesses. You only incur venue hire costs when you have workshops booked in.

Additional sales opportunities

Our DNA licensees can offer additional training programs as there are themes that run through the simulation program.

Discovery Process

Our discovery process is among the most transparent in the industry. We train you in our marketing, sales, and facilitation processes before you sign the License agreement.

We do this to ensure we are partnering with top talent to represent our brand and so that you have all the information you need to make an informed business decision.

1. Get to Know Each Other

We will arrange a quick call with you to discuss your level of interest in owning a DNA license, initial qualifications, and our process. We will answer any preliminary questions you may have.

2. Attend a DNA simulation

If after our first meeting both parties would like to move forward to the next stage, we would like to invite you to attend and participate in a DNA simulation so that you can experience the product and determine if you believe it would be something you could see yourself participating in.

3. Business Model Review – face to face or via Webinar

We will coordinate a meeting with you, sharing the business opportunity with you so that you will better understand our value proposition and have the opportunity to ask questions of our experienced team.

4. Signing our License agreement

Once both parties are happy with each other’s suitability we will move forward to signing a license agreement together to enable us to move forward to training.

5. Candidate Training in Sydney

Candidate Training is a two-day visit to our Sydney headquarters in which you will meet face-to-face with the DNA support team. You will meet with our management team and those who will support you.

Your DNA License business ownership journey begins by having you fulfill each part of the delivery and facilitation of our DNA simulation program in the safety of our classroom environment and then in a real-life event.

Getting Started- What to Expect

Once you’ve signed your License agreement, you’re expected to apply yourself towards learning and internalising how to market, sell, and conduct the DNA simulation program. You will then launch your business while being supported through coaching calls and full operational support towards closing your first sale within 90 days.


During the first three months, the operations and coaching staff will guide you in mastering our sales process. We believe that success comes from the internalisation of these steps, which gives you confidence when presenting them.

We’ve Got You Covered

From coaching, marketing materials, sales training, peer to peer networking with other licensees, and years of industry knowledge, we have the support you need. Licensees get access to numerous other resources, including:

Comprehensive Training Materials

Facilitator guides

Participant guides

PowerPoint presentations

Proprietary technology platform

Simulation hardware

Marketing kits

Product: Access to proprietary content and support materials, new product offerings

Sales and Marketing: Branding, collateral, sales process scripts and videos

Communication: News and updates, monthly blogs

Support and Training: ongoing coaching, facilitation training, best practices sharing

Resources: Policies and procedures, templates

Next Steps


The team at DNA is ready for you to join us and help us make our dent in the world through our powerful leadership and team development programs.