Traditional Sales is Broken

Most people are using tactics and strategies to ‘make’ sales and to influence others. They are using formulas that are designed to persuade and in some cases manipulate. This can lead to those selling coming across as ‘salesly’ or pulling back through a lack of alignment with personal values. At best this type of selling is ‘soulless’ and systematic, at worst it hurts the customer experience and loses sales. The misalignment means that a lot is being left on the table. Learn from the best sign up now for our online sales training course. 

Does this sound like you or your team?

Using outdated selling methods can lead to some or all of the following: 

  • Apathetic or aggressive /competitive selling 
  • A lack of genuine authenticity for the customer/client in the sales process 
  • A tiring approach that leaves sales reps drained 
  • Underperformance from highly talented sales people 
  • Confusion around the simple steps to take during a sale
  • Organisational sluggishness through avoidance & poor communication 

You may see yourself in some or most of these. With the right assistance, it doesn’t have to continue that way.

Imagine a New Selling Experience

Imagine being able to sell and influence from a place of authenticity and using your unique DNA – the way you are wired. Where fear is not underpinning the interaction but based on a Dominant Neurological Agenda of service & contribution. Whether this is for a customer sale, or to influence a decision within your organisation. Bringing your unique makeup into the selling moments and process instead of just following a formula. 

Selling with your DNA enables: 

  • Energised sales people confidently & empathetically moving the sale forward
  • Optimising of each sales person’s unique DNA to use in the process  
  • Genuine passion and belief in the product/service 
  • Boldness & assertiveness through alignment of values and actions
  • Matching your preferred selling style with the customers receiving style  
  • Clear steps to take at each stage of the sale 
  • A responsive organisation moving forward through proposals & decisions

Get Coached to Sell with Your DNA

The Sales Mindset Coaching available with Paul Hannan uses a unique proprietary method that unlocks the DNA of those selling to enable their optimised performance. This coaching uses tests to identify your unique giftings and strengths, selling frameworks for creating your individual selling style, and then coaching for customised application and breakthrough.  

You’ll work together to optimise your selling in any environment.

What You Stand to Gain

You will learn: 

  • A DNA based strategic selling system 
  • What your unique selling style is
  • What your prospect/client’s unique decision making motivation is
  • How to optimise and improve it within proven frameworks  
  • How to best tailor and utilise it with anyone you communicate with 
  • What are the best questions to ask 
  • When to ask these questions 
  • Who the best person is to ask 
  • Where the optimal place is to ask

Is DNA Sales Coaching for you?

This is for people who: 

  • Help another person make a decision that is good for you and the other person 
  • Are an individual salesperson or work within a team 
  • Know there is a more authentic and effective ways to sell 
  • Want to optimise the best of who they already are
  • Are ready to create a ripple effect of influence by utilising their DNA 

This is not for people who: 

  • Are looking for ‘sales tactics’ to manipulate sales. This is about genuine service through an authentic and transformative approach.  

Why choose me?

Selling is an age-old profession. The tactics and strategies change over time but the principles never do. Most people are living too fast to go deeper and get transformational results. I get people there.

People are wired at a genetic and DNA level, to respond and interact in certain ways. 

When we tap into the deepest parts of who we are, and those of our customers, we are able to show up and genuinely sell and serve from a place of congruence and authenticity. 

The difference is transformative for both you and your customers.

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About Paul

I have worked in sales and sales training extensively over the years, bringing together and synthesising the best learnings and applying them to individuals and organisations to get exceptional results.

  • Based in Australia Paul has been invited to speak and train on five Continents for the past  30 years including ANZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and the United States.
  • Depth of Expertise – Over 30 years creating and facilitating Self Improvement and Sales Workshops
  • Wide range of coaching – Business, Relationships to Personal Fulfilment & High Performance 
  • Facilitated conferences for 100,000+ people
  • Created over 20 training modules training & speaking on  5 different continents
  • Created and ran major successful Travel Industry Sales Training Program in South Africa
  • Has an online Appreciation/Marketing system operating in several countries with 500 distributors.
  • Commenced Sales at 16 Years old (50+ Years experience)
  • Led multiple other businesses focusing on leadership consulting
  • Popular selling author

Created the DNA Simulation Experience

What others have to say

“Paul and his staff have been involved in many different forms of sales and management training and motivation. Many times he has been successful in motivating disinterested staff members into becoming high achievers in their respective fields.”

M A Rogers

Managing Director REKO Pty Ltd

“After attending ‘Soul Selling’ and reinforcing what I learnt through your CD’s, I can now join together all the knowledge that I have about human nature and all that I have about business and use them in my day to day life. With results too!”

Melissa Arnott

Manager of Education and Business Services – Premiere Information Systems

“Your programme exceeded our expectations as well as gained the team’s commitment to reinforce the proven principles once again in their professional sales careers.”

Lew Campbell-Smith

Marketing Manager – Clarion Australia

“Your coaching and facilitation has played a significant role here at IXOS.” “Whether delivering a strategic event at a conference or running a sales meeting, the personal and professional attention you contribute is outstanding.”

David Thompson

Managing Director Australia/New Zealand – IXOS Software Australia

“The development in the MobileNet Sales and Marketing Management team exceeded all expectations. The significance of the programme cannot be under-estimated.”

Gary A Harris

National Project Co-ordinator – Telstra MobileNet

“The techniques learnt via your seminar have since been implemented throughout my organization, with extremely pleasing results. My staff particularly those involved with sales have shown increased motivation and productivity, and their work ethic has improved significantly.”

Steven Mulherin

Managing Director – AIM Newspaper Group

“What can I say, we probably had the best conference to date, and the training session you held was probably the best I have attended. ‘Soul Selling’ is just such a solid concept and had so much practical application that it provided all of our people with, at a minimum, a great insight into themselves. It also pointed us in the right direction in regard to the management of the individuals for whom we are responsible. The feedback has been unanimous and so positive that it would be remiss of me not to write and tell you how much the management appreciated the day.”

Mr Alistair Feehan

General Sales Manager – Val Morgan Cinema Advertising

This is for you if:

Life Coaching is a great option for most people. 


This is for you if: 

  • You’re wanting to achieve your life goals 
  • You’ve recognised the benefits of not doing it alone
  • You want to get their faster, with an actionable plan 
  • You want the insights, wisdom and support of an experienced coach
  • You need help with one or all three of the following: Clarity, Strategy, Accountability / Support 


This is not for you if: 

  • You want immediate results 
  • You have a mental health condition 

Ready to move forward?

Find out how life coaching can help you just click the button below to book an obligation free 20 minute informal chat with Paul. 


On our call together we’ll discuss: 

  1. The challenges you are currently facing 
  2. Your goals and dreams for the future 
  3. How this coaching can help you 
  4. What results you can expect 
  5. Any questions you might have 
  6. Next Steps 


This coaching is not for everyone. If for some reason we don’t think life coaching is the right fit for you, we will let you know (always kindly) during our call. 


Click the button below and I look forward to hearing from you. 


I’m not in a direct sales role. Can I benefit from this?

Yes. I define DNA Selling as ‘helping another person make a decision that is good for both  parties.’ So if you’re part of helping others make decisions then this can be effective for you.

I’ve done other sales coaching. How is this different?

This coaching goes deeper than strategies and tactics to bring transformative change. In turn, this leads to transformative results. To best understand how, book a call and I can explain it to you.

How does selling like this increase enthusiasm & energy?

When you are selling using your unique DNA as well as learning the DNA of your prospect/client; who you are/they are and what you’re/their doing come into alignment. By reducing cognitive dissonance and enabling inbuilt enthusiasm to be uncapped you energy and vitality return. Essentially you take your foot off the brake.

How soon can we start?

As soon as you are ready and based on my current availability. We can have a call to see that it’s a good fit for you, and work out the best times.