Simulation Summary Experiential Learning

'Paul’s Definition of Selling'

 For anyone who is in business helping others make

decisions that are optimal for both parties.

Scenario One

Ordinary Training Facilitations

With normal training, a slight behaviour modification can be achieved with some cerebral assent. Beliefs will not be affected with “business as usual” thinking taking over.The major difference between the two scenarios, is that standard learning environments stimulate the mind achieving mental agreement.

Scenario Two

Simulation Learning Environment

Simulation learning mixes the above with emotion, the internal engine that triggers all decisions; keeping commitment through any environment. Training through participation. Penetrating below the surface to see that values and needs are identified and shared with each other. Ownership of problems to be solved is genuine and empowered.


  • The program is of a 6.5-hour duration.

  • This is a sophisticated exercise that creates a commitment to change

  • Use DNA Simulations- To create a vision for productivity and team-work

– To provide high impact training in a short period to accelerate a needed change

– To kick off a new team with fun, enthusiasm and motivation

– To provide your organisation with a shared experience they will never forget

How the Program Works

  • A fast paced, highly interactive group learning experience.

  • With a de-brief complete with comprehensive workbook + DISC full profile

  • All ten teams try to make as many productive calls as possible, battling all the kinds of negative responses experienced in their world; in their attempt to reach the DNA Zone to create as many DNA clients as possible. Equipped with a fixed budget and limited resources, each team must balance the challenges of the “stress zone” – with the mission to see how much $1M has produced.

  • The power of this game emerges in the customised debrief where participants review their performance and understand obvious parallels in their real world. They see that when faced with the pressure of competition and limited time, many teams make hasty decisions they later regret. The most effective teams plan together, set goals, delegate authority to individuals, and share a common vision.

Why the Program is so effective

DNA Simulations clearly replicates the challenges corporate teams face in today’s competitive work environment. It stimulates the tensions and pressures that can hamper an individual’s ability to work effectively.

Most importantly, participants learn through experience. There is no substitute. Hearing or reading simply cannot compete with highly focused team experiences. People see themselves and their colleagues responding to challenges; trying to be as productive as possible in a highly competitive and pressured environment. At the conclusion of the program, participants return to the job with a new sense of purpose and a renewed commitment to:

  • handle change effectively. Gaining the information necessary as a team & individual to make the best decisions
  • maximise productivity and team-work: setting goals
  • manage resources
  • share a common vision with up front planning

Key Training Benefits

  • DNA Simulations demonstrate that activity alone does not guarantee productivity.
  • The debrief examines how teams or individuals can consistently out-perform by focusing on how to be productive not just active.
  • The simulation also shows that when faced with time pressure, most teams fail to plan efficiently.
  • The debrief reinforces the critical importance of good planning and what definite impact goal setting has on bottom-line performance when carried out at the “right time.”
  • Teamwork, communication, shared resources, roles and responsibilities, focus on a common goal are all challenged throughout the process.· The debrief shows participants that you need the commitment of the whole team to be successful and effective, especially when the pressure is on as organisations face a changing world.
  • Participants are challenged to think in terms of “what is possible?” within the changing environment instead of “what is necessary to survive?”
  • Participants leave with a clear vision that success begins with a commitment and attitude to maximise within the change.

What is the collateral?

  • Facilitation and participation.
  • A debrief workbook with “Lessons from the DNA” metaphor for each participant.
  • A Simulation kit for each team which includes coloured call sheets, data sheets, a largeboard, an economic tracking form and Follow-up material to reinforce the key learnings.
  • A trophy for the winning team

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